Willow's Farm Game Bird Holding Block 2.5KG

Price: £6.50 

This high quality pecking block with a specially formulated spice attractant to assist in retaining birds is a taste treat to supplement your bird’s normal feeds. Placed in strategic locations around an estate or shoot, assists in the retention of released birds, as well as supplementing their wellbeing. The handy 2.5kg block makes a more cost effective way in covering a wider areas around an estate or shoot, rather than one bigger block in one area.

To use the bucket as a holder for the pecker block, cut and remove the inner section on the base of the bucket to exposing the block, this provides protection from the weather and vermin.  Once hung the bird can peck away at it.

Recommended height from the ground:

Pheasant approx. 35cm-55cm, Partridge approx. 30cm-35cm

Delivery charge for 6 blocks start from £7.50 (dependant on postcode) please email us for more details.

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