BEC 25kg Outdoor King Feeder

Price: £24.00 inc. VAT

The BEC Outdoor King Feeder is made from polypropylene and made in the UK. 

Capacity: 25kg

Feed Pan Size: 48cm (approx.)

The trough is narrow to allow chick as well as adult birds to feed, and is designed to prevent birds from scratching the feed our of the feeder with their feet.  The tube is adjustable to restrict the feed supply into the trough, the feeder simply allows new feed to trickle down into the trough as and when it needs to be replaced.

The feeder can be used outdoors and comes with a rain hat which is easy to fit and designed to give total protection from any inclement weather.

It can also be used as an indoor floor based or hanging feeder, supplied with a lid to prevent birds from perching on the feeder which helps keep feed clean and fresh.

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